About Us

Amy Kiser


Amy Kiser is your go-to-gal in the Triangle for repairing, renovating, and maintaining your home. With 25 plus years of experience in new home building and maintenance, she can help your existing home become the home of your dreams. After working for a custom homebuilder during the day for 12 years, she took on night and weekend side jobs of painting, dry walling, replacing toilets, hanging doors, tiling, and renovating homes. In 2008, Amy struck out on her own and opened Quality Home Repairs, which is licensed, insured, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

As a teenager, Amy started out dry walling and painting as a summer job. She soon began learning all facets of new home construction and home maintenance. Working for local custom builders in the triangle has taught her about a myriad of home designs and how to craft homes to fit homeowners’ lifestyles. “I appreciate and work in all types of homes from 9,000 square foot Colonials to 900 square foot cottage style ranch houses. I enjoy doing small and large residential maintenance and renovation jobs. Because of my love for doing tile work and knowledge about repairing water damaged floors and walls, I find myself doing a lot of bathroom renovations. I love to see the before and after photos of the bathrooms I have helped create.  All houses have great character and stories. I treat all of my clients’ homes with care and keen attention to detail,” Amy says.

When asked if she has found it difficult being a woman in the home construction field, she replies, “Fortunately, I’ve had the opposite experience. Most people perceive women to be neater, cleaner, and more trust worthy in their homes around their children and pets. I don’t take that for granted.”

Dale Brooks

Team Member

Dale started in the general construction field in 1987 and has been doing trim and carpentry work for more than 20 years. For the past 15 years he has also worked with electrical, plumbing, hvac repair and installation and tiling. Dale enjoys renewing homes, from simply painting a room or installing ceiling fans to completely renovating a space.

“The coordination between our clients, suppliers and us can be challenging but well worth the results,” Dale says.  “Seeing the clients overjoyed by the finished project and knowing they were not only satisfied with our work,  but also our work ethic and professionalism means a great deal to me. What sets us apart from other ‘Handy Man’ and home repair businesses, is  how we pay attention to our clients’ needs that they don’t state, like keeping the job site as  clean as possible during what can be a messy  process. Also,  just being cheerful, polite and courteous with clients when we are in their living space can have a greater impact on the overall satisfaction they have with the work we do. I also enjoy the complexity of some of the renovations we have completed, like bathroom overhauls and outdoor kitchens.”